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Daniel Berman and his multiple anthropomorphic figures to represent the emotions of modern humanity

In his current work, Daniel Berman reflects what he observes, what he experiences every day in his environment, in his interactions with people.

Daniel Berman Loyola is a visual artist, a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Universidad Veracruzana, whose graphic work has led him to establish himself within the vast world of Mexican printmaking.

He mentioned in an interview that through his projects, he seeks to trigger reflections on art and communication, explore ways of narrating with images, and delve into the symbolic potential of visual language.

In his current work, he reflects what he observes, what he experiences every day in his environment, in his relationships with people; the things he comes across while walking down the streets, what he hears in music, or what he sees in the news or in cinema.

"My work is an exploration of popular culture, which over time, I have expanded using the new technologies that bring us much closer," he explains.

In his artwork, you can find a wide variety of anthropomorphic figures that he uses to represent the range of emotions of the modern subject, he asserts. However, there are certain beings that stay with him in every brushstroke or project, accompanying him through time and adapting to different supports and scales.

Although he started in printmaking, the visual artist states that exploring techniques has brought him new knowledge and broadened his perspective. Now, his work spans printmaking, painting, drawing, and video. Nevertheless, he recognizes that the foundation for him will always be graphics and drawing.

He emphasizes that in the beginning, the "Arte Cocodrilo" collective was the launching pad that opened doors for him. It was the first group he participated in, providing him the opportunity to showcase his work on a broader level. "It no longer exists, but it lasted for about five years," he added.

For those dedicated to printmaking, Oaxaca is an almost obligatory destination, as it is a city full of workshops and galleries, maintaining a very intense cultural activity. He pointed out that his time in this region opened up opportunities within the graphic arts. "It was the starting point for the Arte Cocodrilo collective and individually, the beginning of connecting with other colleagues and other exhibition projects. It was the beginning of an ongoing process," Berman highlights.

Since 2008, Berman Loyola has developed himself as a printer in various workshops and has been involved in projects related to drawing and publishing. He has participated in several exhibitions inside and outside Mexico, both individually and collectively. Notable among them are the interventions in the specialized Graphics Arts fair "Multiplied, contemporary editions Fair" organized by Christie's auction house in London.

Recently, he was included in the collection of the Pérez Art Museum, Miami. He completed an artistic residency at the University of Houston Clearlake and is part of the System of Support for Creation and Cultural Projects, where he is currently working on an experimental graphics project spanning from 2020 to 2023.

The project involves using his maternal grandfather's diary as a starting point for an exploration leading to a reflection on Mexico's historical context.

"The diary talks about my grandfather's work as a driller for Pemex, a job that, from a historical context, will help me have elements that give an identity to the country, such as the oil industry. The search lies in the relationship between personal and family context and how it relates to a general social reality."

On the other hand, he states that it will be through printmaking that he will connect with other disciplines, seeking new ways to approach graphic processes that go beyond the traditional.

Finally, among his most recent works, the graphic artist is preparing to present himself at Zona Maco in February 2023 and in the same month, he will have an exhibition in Boston with a ceramicist colleague from Jalapa. They will undertake a collaborative exhibition project involving ceramics and painting.

To explore his work, you can visit his social media: Instagram (@danielbermanstudio) and Facebook (/daniel.berman.332).



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